Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Want to Increase Height even after 25 – Here are the Tips!

Increase height after 25

If you want to increase height after 25 years of age, you need to see if there are any reasons for you not growing as tall as you can, and make some healthy changes to help your body healthy. If there is no problem then there might be genetics or hormone deficiencies. Get yourself checked by a doctor and here are some of the things that you need to do to increase your height.


If you have postural problems, you can try practicing Pilates, yoga, or any stretching exercises that will help restore spinal cord curves.

Hormone Supplements

One more way to ensure increase in your height after 25 is to try hormone supplements. Most people suffer from hormonal deficiencies and in such cases they are given hormonal supplements for growth.

Surgery to Improve Height

There are surgeries that will help you increase bone length. However, the surgeries are fraught with many side effects such as severe pain, bone infections, and nerve injuries. So, it is essential to undergo the treatment patiently and wait till the treatment is complete.

Other Ways

If you do not prefer any of these ways for increasing your height, you can try ways that will make you appear taller, such as wearing high heeled shoes or hidden heels. Wearing clothes that are bound to make you appear tall is also a good idea.

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