Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Help Increase Height by Hanging

Are you wondering if hanging on a bar can really help increase height?  There are a lot of opinions regarding this height increasing method. A lot of people think that it is only a waste of time and energy.


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Let's make things simple. Measure your height before you sleep and after you wake up in the morning. You will see that you are taller in the morning than in night. Why? Because you were lying all night and the pressure in between your vertebrae has been relieved.

This is how hanging can also help increase your height. You are just letting gravity work for your benefit. Letting it pull you and straighten the length of your spine. It's really that simple, no big secret.

Hanging on a bar in the morning works best. I know it can be a little bit tiring to do that is why you should not forget to take short breaks in between. It does not have to be a bar. You can use a tree branch or anything that you can find that serves the purpose. Just be sure that it will support your entire weight easily and comfortably.

How To Increase Your Height Naturally By Hanging

1. Make sure that your hands are shoulder width apart from each other.
2. Hang for as long as you can or at least a minimum of 10 to 15 seconds.
3. Take a break in between repetitions and making the repetitions a total of 5 minutes.

You can use a pair of gloves so it will be easier for your grip. This is very simple to perform. You just have to be sure that you follow the tips to make it as less tedious as it is. Hanging to help increase your height is actually often used as a final exercise in most grow taller exercise routines.

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