Saturday, December 15, 2012

How To Get Taller Naturally

How to get taller naturally?  I was asking this question to everybody, every doctor, and every website, I still remember how desperate I was.
BTW, I am Steve and till the age of 28, my height was 5 feet 3 inches.
I used to feel very inferior powerless. I was very frustrated and was searching for the secret to how to grow taller naturally, at that time I thought that popping pills or those foot massagers are the answer.
Remember those acupressure insoles which have those pointed things inside them.

From far away promises like affecting pituitary gland to release growth hormone really looked impressive but after trying them for months all I was left with painful blisters on my feet and absolutely no height gain.

Can you believe that?

Well I did.

Nothing seemed to work for me I was the same short heighted person. Practically I almost gave up an year back. I was just about to accept my life and height as a looser. But something inside me knew that there must be an answer to this problem.

But I could not find it. Whenever I was out, my colleagues and friends made fun of me, and sometime they did in front of me.
My friends dominated me, they used to call me by nicknames, I am terrified to even think about that time.
Finally I found the answer to How to get taller naturally Here

Finally one day I stumbled upon the secret, something inside me said that it is something different than everything else out there. I was so excited I can’t tell you, I was ready to implement the secret that very second, and I am glad did!
I did follow every bit of How to get taller fast Program, because I felt that this is the last chance god has given me, on the other hand I had nothing to lose. I followed it in very detail.
I measured after 2 weeks, and to my surprise I had grown 1/2 inch. I was so charged up I could have lifted 500 lb barbell with one hand tied behind (just kidding). At that very moment I understood that this was something for real and I have to follow it for full 8 weeks.
I didn’t measure till full 8 weeks were over, though everybody including my best friend was commenting about my height.

After full 8 weeks of following the program in very detail, I measured myself and I had tears in my eyes. Yes tears! I felt like a child, for the very first time I felt that god loves me! I had grown 3 inches.
I am now 5 feet 6 inches tall and continuously following the program, I know for most people 5 feet 6 inch is not tall at all but for me it is.

Imagine if you are 5 feet 7 inches tall than how adding 3 inches to your height will affect your life?
Will it bring a perfect relationship, confidence, satisfaction or anything else?
For me happiness of that moment is something that I can’t explain, how much change now I feel in my life.

My life after discovering the answer

Discovering the answer to this single question: How to get taller naturally has changed my life already. I feel like a winner, I am more confident and can face anything but the most important thing is.
I am much HAPPIER! I understand that I can never ever become 6 feet tall. But I am okay with it, and the change I have experienced has already made me a better and a stronger person.
Imagine how it will feel to add 3 inches or even 4 inches to your height, how confident you will feel.

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Nitin said...
December 16, 2012 at 3:51 AM

I really enjoying using companies that have some kind of lively online presence as when there is an issue, I think they feel obliged to help as they know other people are seeing the issues!

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