Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Factors Affecting How We Increase Height

Sometimes, height is a very important factor in people's life. If you are tired of lying to yourself and saying you are taller, or not getting the job you wanted because you are too short, why not try to grow taller? Traditionally, it is considered that after puberty, people who want to get taller are only wishing in vain or dreaming. But recently, after the development of science, a special group of people determined to discover how to increase height, discovered various ways to increase your weight doing exercises. Many of you are asking how you could do that. Here are the four more important factors of growing.


A study shows that height has a genetic character. The difference between identical twins is 1.7 centimeters, while the difference between fraternal twins is about 4.4 centimeters. However, it is not guaranteed that you will reach the genetic height right away.

Hormone level

Hormones, such as sex hormones, human growth hormone (HGH) or insulin have an important part in someone's growing process.

HGH is produced in the brain. If there is an insufficiency of HGH, it will affect the height of the person. Foods rich in fat are the main cause of HGH insufficiency.


Proteins give the body the amino acids that are essential in growing. Fish, milk or vegetables are a very rich source of proteins. Calcium, which is found in milk, yogurt or cheese, helps the body to develop healthy bone structures. Together, proteins and calcium are the main cause for height growth.

Physical activity

Physical activity is essential in growing. Most people don't know about it, or especially about the exercises for the spinal column. If you don't exercise, it would start to minimize, affecting the body height. Therefore, a sedentary life is the biggest mistake anyone could do.

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