Wednesday, December 12, 2012

How to Increase Height by Hanging?

 Everybody wants to grow tall. Height depends upon your health condition and is also a genetic factor. Good nutrition helps you grow tall. Also exercise helps in increasing your height. Everybody would like to grow few inches tall. They try hard to do so.

Height increases your self-confidence. People like to be taller than others as they feel a bit superior to them. Height is an advantage in sports and in carrying out many physical activities. It is a sign of good health. People generally look up to a tall person.

People stop growing after a certain age. For men it is 21-23 and for women it is 18-20. It occurs shortly after puberty. Maximum height gain is during that phase. The hormone released by the pituitary gland is responsible for height growth. It is possible to grow up to 22 for woman and 25 for a man. Spine stretching exercises are good.

Hanging is one way that one can increase one’s height. Body stretch is always beneficial. Regular exercise helps. It is easy to hang. One need not exert oneself too much.

Tips for Increasing Height By Hanging

One can hang from a bar. Let all the weight fall upon your hands. If one does these 30 minutes every week one can increase one’s height or 1 to 5 minutes daily. It improves the posture also which if corrected enhances your height.

A wider grip on the bar increases the width of your back and shoulder One can hang from a door bar. Easy exercise and very convenient.Hang from the bar initially as long as you can. If it is difficult, go slow. Increase the time on the bar slowly. In the case of children lift them by the waist so that they can hang from the bar. Be ready to catch them when they let go off the bar A chinup is also good form of exercise. You can take the help of a chair to do the chinup. Hang from the bar with one foot on the chair. Once you are up, push yourself further with the foot, which is on the chair.

Swinging back and forth from the bar also helps increase the height Increase your self-esteem by increasing your height, and do this by hanging. If you exercise at the right age then you need not feel inferior about your height in adulthood. Hanging is not a difficult exercise. One need not go to the gym for it. It can be done in the comfort of your home.

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