Sunday, December 9, 2012

How Important Is Height For A Female In A Manageme.

I am a petite, 5'3 100 pd. female. I've read articles that height is important if you are in high level management positions because people take you more seriously. I am considering entering a career in marketing, public relations, sales or business management.

Am I going to have a hard time getting respect and authority if I am short and petite? Is height more important for men in management positions? As long as I'm intelligent and assertive, should my height matter? Can short, petite women still be successful in these types of careers?

By Authere

A definite No. It is perceived as such. Knowledge and experience in the field of your endeavor,personality,effective public speaking and people that you surround

yourself with of like mind is key. Oh yes, do dress for success.

Do not accept the perception of Height. If you do accept it,what will you use as an excuse when you take your first (if any) failure.

My friend was 5'4. She was excellent at management. made a high 5 figure income and was attributed to what I stated above. She at first had that height perception,but with each success and my encouragement she gained confidence, with that came advancements, and thousands of friends and colleges etc.

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