Sunday, December 9, 2012

10th Week - Maximum Stretch!

Exercise 37:

a) Standing position. Legs well apart.
Arms stretched over the head, hands clasped. Maximum Stretch!

b) Bend at the waist exhaling fully.
-Your arms must stay straight and taut. In fact, your biceps stay constantly pressed against your ears.
-The idea here, is to stretch your arms forwards as opposed to downwards.
-Inhale through the nose as you return to standing position.
-Concentrate and stretch as high as possible while clasping your hands as hard as possible.

Exercise 38:

a) Supported solidly on the palms of your hands and on your toes as shown.
-Legs very taut. Chest and head arched back.
-Arms taut in vertical position.

b) Raise your buttocks as high as possible.
-Hold this “A” position for three (3) seconds.
-Return to initial position, remembering to arch the head and chest backwards.
-As the days go by, this movement should become more and more pronounced.

Exercise 39:

a) Propped on your shoulders as shown.
-Support your hips with your hands.
-Legs taut. Feet pointing up. Stretch.

b) This is the bicycle exercise, where you have to pedal.
-Slowly make high and full circles.
-Before ending the exercise, assume the initial position and stretch yourself for a few seconds.

Exercise 40:

a) Stretched out on your back. Hands behind the neck.
-Feet together. Deep concentration.

b) Keeping your legs taut, raise them to a ninety (90) degree angle, toes pointing up.
-Lower your legs Slowly, to about two (2) inches (about 5cm) from the floor and then stretch and stretch again….
-Breathing: as you raise your legs, exhale fully. As you lower your legs inhale through the nose.

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