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12 Top Question To Be Taller

1- When do boys, and girls stop growing?

Normally boys stop growing around the age of of 20-24 while girls stop growing around the age of 16-19,Despite this fact height increasing exercises were proved to work at any age.

2- Do these exercises work?
Don't expect miracles overnight. This book is designed to add 2 to 5 inches to your stature. You should begin noticing results in 4 to 6 weeks depending upon your individual traits. For some it may require additional time, but do not worry. Your determination will pay off and you will achieve results.

Be sure you follow the program, outlined in this book, for maximum results.

Remember - reading this book can't make you taller but dedication, patience and determination can.

3- After how long will I see a difference?

It depends on every person. The length of the program is 7 weeks , some people began to see results after two weeks, Don’t measure your height every day! Measure your height every week and compare it to your initial height.

4- I've been doing the exercises, but don't see any difference!

Try Harder! Make sure that you do the exercises correctly, sleep correctly and eat correctly

5-. Is there any other way to grow taller, than exercising?
many companies claim that they sell Supplements or Devices that makes you taller, Still,Many of these companies sell these products to cheat you out of your money
When it comes to Height Increase, many young people aren't sure what to believe. Before buying anything check this website

However, limb lengthening operation which provides you up to 7 cm of height. But it is very expensive $10,000. But its proven to work, and also you have to stay in bed for 6 months.

6- How long is the daily exercise
from 5 min. up to 20 min. depending on your physical ability

7- how much this program will cost me?
NOTHING!! This is a completely free program, and it doesn’t require any special tools or instruments .
However some people will need to buy some vitamins or calcium pills according to their nutrition habits (remember any pills can be harmful if they are misused so before taking any thing consult your pharmacist)

8- Do smoking or illicit drugs or alcohol affect my growth ?
yes,they do .you shouldn’t Smoke and take any illicit drugs!!
If possible, stay away from people who smoke. Second hand smoke has been linked with reduced growth.

9- Will Human Growth Hormones help me become taller and if so, which ones should I take?
Human Growth Hormone (HGH) can only be used to increase height when taken by injection is only effective before a child reaches puberty. In fact, they should ideally be started about the age of eight. The cost ranges between $20,000 and $40,000 a year and may not be covered by Health Insurance. Over the counter Human Growth Hormones available in pill or liquid form can have no effect on height. Taken orally, the hormones are broken down by stomach acids before they can enter the bloodstream. Human growth hormone HGH cannot be taken after puberty otherwise it will cause acromegaly disease

10-How much taller can I become after Cosmetic Leg Lengthening surgery?
The maximum amount of height increase is about 3 inches or 7 to 8cm with surgery on the lower legs. Additional surgery on the upper legs is highly discouraged because it makes the patient appear significantly disproportional.

11-What is the height of a short person ?
Short is a relative measure. A person who is short in Denmark might be considered tall in Thailand. People who are of average height would be considered short in Hollywood.

(LPA) defines a dwarf to be a person 4' 10" or smaller

12-How to get taller very fast?
(My wedding is after a week and my fiancé is taller than me by 3 inches,what shall I do??)
You can never grow tall in this short time. The best solution for your problem is to wear elevating shoes, Elevating shoes can give an instant increase to your height up to 4 inches. If you want to buy an elevating shoes check Google for the latest models.

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