Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Truths and Myths to Grow Taller

The height of the man increases till the age of 21 years and cannot improve further.

According to human physiology, around the age of 21 years bones get closely joined together and they do not develop further. But we can’t absolutely say that height does not increase after this age. We can say that the development won’t be visible as it was earlier.

One of the important factors in determining the growth of a human is hormones. The hormonal activity in the body comes to a balanced state after some time. One can look for natural ways to get the hormones released and there by increase the height.

There are many other factors which contribute towards the height of a person, which he/she can take care of. Some of them are posture, diet and the environment which one lives in.

Height increases during the night and shrinks during the day.The body gets relaxation and an opportunity to get stretched during the night hours. This is an encouragement for one’s stature to grow. Researches say that during sleep, the length of the backbone increases slightly. This is the reason why a person appears taller than his normal height during the morning.

During the day, the vertebral system shrinks and the fluids present in them decrease. It affects the backbone and the height of the man decreases by about 0.5cm compared to morning.

Not getting enough sleep can also lower the production of growth hormone. At least eight hours of sleep is necessary for our body. So, sleep also plays an important role in your height.

Does swimming helps to gain height?

During breast stroke, legs strike in one way and the hands in other way at the same time. This helps to lengthen the spine.

Remaining in a pool of water neutralizes the effects due to gravity on your spine. This factor also favors swimming.

Is it Possible to Increase in Height?

Yes, it can be possible to increase height up to the age of 21 years through healthy diet and regular exercise.

Stem Cells Increase Human Height

It is suggested that new bone growth might be possible through stem cell therapies, that might increase human height.

Massage Increases Height

It is suggested that massage might help in correcting your postures and in stretching your back by releasing the stoop. This might help in increasing height.

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