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Effective Way To Increase Height

Firstly your age might be a factor as well as your gender in your growth. Gender wise if your a girl the average age for you to stop growing is 16 but if your a boy it's 18. If your passed that age don't worry at age 23 your bones fuse and you can absolutely not grow anymore the ages before are just the average. Also genes are very important but it's knowing what to do to get the right result.

Step # 1 - Sleep

You should aim to get 9 hours of sleep every night because during the first 8 hours of sleep your body is repairing itself, not growing. Also the best time to get sleep is at 10 o'clock, the more hours before the midnight mark that your sleeping the better your sleep will be.

Step # 2 - Stay Away From Drugs

I'm not saying your doing them but when I say drugs I also mean coffee and alcohal. They can be known for weight gain (which doesn't help you grow at all) and more hard core drugs can actually stunt your growth.

Step# 3 - Relax

Growing is about being healthy and if your stressed you aren't going to feel good so just take like 5 minues turn off everything (tv computer ect) sit alone and just relax!

Step # 4 - Food

Here's the fun bit. You don't need to change the amounts of food your eating as much as people are telling you to eat more. It's about what your eating that's the issue. Our bodies aren't built to take in another animals milk (only mamal on earth who does that eugh!) as much as the milk market wants us to believe. So try to stay away from it.

Also sugars and fats are the worst! Gaining fat doesn't help you grow as much as people will imply. Your body will use extra energy breaking down these fats and sugars that it could be using to help you grow.

Now the vegetable, fruit and animal market use loads of growth hormones in their products to produce larger amounts of food more quickly so shoot for things like lean meats (chicken, fish maybe lean beef once and a while but not too much cause you're trying to keep your normal body weight) Stay away from pork again cause of the bad fats, pork being one of the fatiest meats.

When it comes to grains there's a bit of a grey area because things like bread and pasta produce the insuline in our bodies which is basically sugar. Rice is the one thing where I can definitely put a check on and say it's O-K.

I'm not trying to scare you with what you put in your body but just be aware as to how your body processes things and sugars, fats and such are a difficult thing for your body to process.

Step # 5 - Excercise

Maybe one of the most important things is excercise. Explanation: Whether your trying to lengthen your legs or your spine excercise is the only way to do that and have strong muscles around those bones. # 1 EXCERCISE EVER IS........ running  It seems basic but running activates all your body parts and keeps them strong and lean. Also things like swimming, walking, jump rope biking are very beneficial.

For extending your legs I recomend taking up kick boxing because it repeatitively extends your legs in vigirous way.

For extending you spine I recomend sit ups, there's a lot of debate on whether they're bad for your back or not but as long as you use a big yoga ball to do them on your back will be fine and you'll also have the strength aroung your spine to support growth

FINALLY the holy grail of excercise (other than running) when it comes to growth is yoga. My uncle tried yoga and well he's a 50 year old man of 6'4, could not touch his toes for the life of him. anyways the reason why yoga works is hyper extention it's the extreme version of stretching and basically you are stretching your spine and legs and everything when you do yoga.

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