Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Height Growth Routine Tips And Advice

At the age of my 17 years (one year), I wanted increase my height to enter a football team in the front position and be more valuable to the coach for my height.

Seek methods, books, manuals, etc. Finally I tried the method of stretching when I woke up with a good feeding and programming my mind for grows.

The first time INICE this method, leave a month (I felt tired and sometimes incredulous), the second and last time it reaches 5meses started and grew little by little, I remember the first month did not see results, even as 3 or more growth 4meses and then up to increase 7cm height.

And the truth was very happy because at first I thought it was very foolish to think you can grow several inches with these techniques, but if it works.

Stretching Exercises and Step by Step

Running from 5 to 15min.
Fast-Walking around 15min.
'What I did was jumps small with both feet at the same time (like jumping rope):

In 3 or 4 series, each series is calculated by time of 1min to 2min.

Breathing should be deep; 4 seconds inhale, exhale and hold 3sec 12seg by mouth.

Each stretch should be held as minimum 5sec.

These are 4 to 3 series.

15 jumps trying to touch as high as possible.
15 jumps trying to touch as high as you can but bend your knees, to get more momentum.
15 jumps with one foot and then the other (are 8 sets in total, 4 of a pine and 4 of another), make simultaneous SERIES (No repeats) 15repet right foot. 15repet then left foot. So to sets.
Collage of a bar, for 30segundos (if only for 15 or 20sec you gradually will increase). Let the body relax, just keep your hands stressed. This exercise can be done in 1 to 3 sets (1 to 3 times).
Running fast and jumping 10 to 15 cm with pulse stretching the entire body. 15 reps
Same as number 4. But this time the crash, raise your knees as much as possible. 1 to 3 sets of 30segundos (if you can only 20sec for 15 gradually increases until you reach the 30segundos).

Diet Healthy Eating and Health

Eat food with enough protein (at the end of the exercises only protein), eat before finishing 45min routine.
Eat foods high in calcium to strengthen bones.
Take at least 2 liters of water during the day.
Sleeping 7 to 9 hours daily. They must be followed.
What I could hurt growth:

Leaving (for):

The food high in sugar and saturated fat.
Take liquor, drink alcohol. It damages your bones and you will be difficult to stretch the bones.
Smoking, quitting snuff.

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