Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Does Hanging Help Increase Your Height?

Have you ever thought of hanging on a bar to increase your height? The idea may seem funny to you as it does for some people. But do you know that you are missing out a lot of height increasing benefits by not doing it. On this article I will talk about how you should perform hanging to grow taller fast. If you are still in doubt then keep reading and see if there is rationality to this method.

Try this out.

Measure your height before you go to bed one evening, and the morning following that. You will notice that you are taller when you wake up compared to before going to bed. This is because when you lie down at night, the pressure in between your vertebrae is eased.

In the same way, hanging helps you grow taller. If you really think about it, you are just basically letting gravity do all the work for you. When you're hanging, the natural force draws and pulls you down. This literally lengthens your spine by promoting decompression of the discs. That's it. It's no rocket science.

Hanging works best during mornings. But do not forget to take quick breaks in between; otherwise, you might get over-exhausted. If you don't have a bar to hang onto, that's fine. You will just have to look for something else that is close to a bar and improvise. A tree branch, perhaps, will do. As long as it will hold your entire weight and you're comfortable with your grips so you can hang onto it.

Proper Hanging Position to Increase Height

1. Position your hands apart above you, and make sure that they are at the same width as your shoulders.

2. Hang on for about 10 to 15 seconds. Try to hang on as long as you can to get more benefits.

3. Take quick breaks in between repetitions until you have reached a total of 5-minute repetitions.

Hanging for height increase is commonly done at the end of most grow taller exercise routines for maximum growth potential. It's the finale. It's very simple and you can even start doing it today! Just grab a pair of fitting gloves for a better and less painful grip, if you like, and then hang onto the bar for as long as you can! But always be careful and follow the given tips to make it more fun and manageable.

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