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Grow Taller Exercises – What Are The Best Exercises To Increase Height?

Grow taller exercises are one of the best ways to increase your height by 2-4 inches…sometimes even more. One of the best things about exercises to increase height is the simplicity with which they can be performed.

Grow taller exercises don’t require any expensive or high tech training devices. You won’t need to shell out hundreds of dollars for the latest and greatest fitness machine or home gym. In fact, most exercises don’t require training equipment of any kind nor will you have to go through any exhaustive physical workout.

growing tallerHowever, if you want to grow taller, you will need perseverance and dedication. Don’t expect to perform these exercises for a week and then suddenly gain 6 inches to your height. It’s just not going to happen. Grow taller exercises take time to work, so stick to a well thought out workout routine and don’t give up too soon. You’ll gain the inches you desire.

The exercises detailed in the Grow Taller 4 Idiots ebook are an excellent place to get started.

What Types Of Exercises Help To Increase Your Height?

When it comes to height growth, there are 4 types of exercises which reign supreme for adding inches to your stature. These are stretching exercises, core exercises, hanging exercises, and posture improving exercises.

If you’re skeptical that exercise can truly increase your height, it’s ok. Most people are. But I want you to consider something for just a second.

Science has indeed proven regular exercise and stretching can increase height. Many people mistakenly believe bones are static. However, this is not the case. Bones are constantly growing and being resorbed. The reason bones do this is because they need to constantly heal damage and microfractures that come from daily wear and tear.

This process is controlled by two different types of bone cells. Osteoclasts break down bone by secreting enzymes that break down collagen and minerals. On the other hand, osteoblasts on the surface of bones lay down calcium and phosphate on a framework of collagen to create new bone.

This process is often referred to as bone remodeling. In healthy bones, the break down of bone equals the build up of bone so the forces cancel each other out. People think bones are static because they never notice these processes taking place in healthy, normally functioning bones.

The science behind bone remodeling is as follows. When you increase the load on a bone, then osteoclasts form which break it down in response to the load. Once that load is removed, osteoblasts form and create new bone. Continue to repeat the process and eventually the bone density will increase.

You might better understand how grow taller exercises help to increase height by thinking of two other real world examples that work in a similar way.

First is pitching in baseball. Many major league baseball pitchers have a throwing arm that is longer than their other arm. This is because the forces acting on their throwing arm day in and day out gradually stretch the arm out over time.

A second example most people are familiar with is braces. Braces put pressure on your teeth. This pressure stretches the periodontal membrane and periodontal ligament which creates the load that signals osteoclasts to break down the bone and allows the tooth to move. Osteoblasts then fill in behind with new bone.

If pressure on your teeth which are socketed in bone can get them to move, then is it so far fetched to believe putting pressure on your bones and muscles through exercise can help you grow taller? Hopefully this will help you see it really is possible to increase your height through growing taller exercises.

Stretching Exercises To Increase Height

Stretching exercises to increase height are one of the main exercises to grow taller and often focus on the spine and legs. The main benefits of stretching exercises are helping to decompress the spinal column and increasing flexibility by strengthening the discs and cartilage in the spine. This helps you achieve maximum height.

Examples of stretching exercises include:

    * Trunk Twist
    * Roll Over Stretch
    * Wall Bridge
    * Standing Forward Bend
    * Downward Facing Dog

Core Exercises To Increase Height

A good grow taller exercise routine doesn’t just focus on your legs and spine. Many people forget even seemingly unrelated muscles at the core of your body also play a large role in your height. Strong core muscles in your lower abdomen and lower back help improve and maintain posture and spinal flexibility, allowing you to increase your height and grow taller naturally.

Examples of core exercises include:

    * Lower Ab Crunch
    * Leg Raise
    * Side Crunch

Hanging Exercises To Increase Height

You can further increase your height and grow taller by a couple of inches by incorporating hanging exercises into your height growth program. Hanging exercises are great for decompressing the spine, strengthening the muscles which support the spine, and lengthening the spine which increases height.

You’ll need a chin up bar or ledge you can hold onto that is high enough to keep your feet completely off the ground. Examples of hanging exercises include:

    * Hanging Bicycle
    * Hanging Splits
    * Chin Ups
    * Hanging Knee Raises

Posture Improving Exercises To Increase Height

An effective grow taller exercise routine isn’t complete without posture improving exercises. Many people suffer from posture problems and poor spinal alignment. Slumping and slouching is a common problem and can decrease your height by several inches. Doing nothing more than improving your posture can dramatically increase your height.

Exercises to improve posture include:

    * Bowing Down To Yourself
    * Turkey Stretch
    * Shoulder Release

If you want dozens of other grow taller exercises and specific instructions on how to perform them, an excellent resource that can help you.

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