Sunday, December 9, 2012

Seventh Week Exercise

Exercise 25:

a) Squatting position. Standing on the tip of your toes.
Feet together, heels touching.
Palms of your hands facing forwards.
Concentrate on what you are about to do.

b) To be beneficial, it is important to follow the directions closely.
As you stand up, raise your arms along the side of your body, inhaling through the nose. Keep your arms straight.
When your hands and heels are touching tightly, stretch upwards as shown.
Hold your breath while stretching for the regulation three (3) seconds.
Return to the squat position, exhaling through the mouth
a) b)

Exercise 26:

a) Lying on your stomach.
Fingers intertwined at the nape of the neck. Legs together.

b) Raise your chest and elbows, inhaling through the nose.
Stretch forwards and hold your breath repeating to yourself: “I am growing, I am growing, I am growing”.
Lower yourself very slowly, exhaling through the mouth.
Take a few seconds to relax so you can better raise yourself and stretch more.

Exercise 27:

a) Standing position. Legs apart.
Elbows bent so fingers touch the top of the head.
Push elbows back and raise shoulders.

b) Bend to the right as shown, stretching the left arm as far as possible. Your stretch must last three (3) seconds. Don’t forget!
Return to centre. Before you bend to the left, push your elbows back and raise your shoulders once again.
As you bend to the right or to the left, exhale through the mouth. Inhale through the nose as you return to centre.
This is an excellent exercise to do with effort and concentration.
For Big results, Big efforts are needed.
a) b)

Exercise 28:

a) Lying on your stomach.
Arms slightly bent at the elbows, as shown. Palms down.

b) By pushing with your ten (10) fingers raise your legs.
Stretch your legs tightly for the regulation three (3) seconds.
Lower your legs slowly. Stretch again.
Concentrate to get better results.

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